Japanese Arcades Part 6: My Seat Won’t Stop Shaking!!, New Titles

Posted in What's Japan That's Not China on March 1, 2013 by seijika

We’ve reached a game that has left quite the impression on young, impressionable dreamy-eyed me. This game, THIS GAME. I always thought games that relied purely on pop-out scares got predictable and old pretty fast after the few first times. “oh dat dude slumpin dere is guna jumpy jamby and lick my face better pre-shoot” And whaddaya know when I shoot his head he suddenly jerks, goes “BLURP” or “SKREE” and ragdolls. Too easy! But there was one game that made me dread life FOREVER and made my heart dance like a frog in a tophat…


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Japanese Arcades Part 5: WE BACK, LEGO Pirate Shiz, ヒーロがいらない

Posted in What's Japan That's Not China on December 6, 2012 by seijika

This is life. Where everything matters, yet nothing matters. Nothing makes sense in life. However, one thing does make sense: there are games in game centres. I will write about another one.

There’s a funky spin on the arcade shooter with this funky LEGO building block buster game. It’s pretty awesome and a mad workout on your arms. It’s called…I dunno! I didn’t look! Maybe it’s revealed in the photo I took.

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Japanese Arcades Part 4: SSFIVAE, Gundam EXTREEEEEME つまらないかな

Posted in What's Japan That's Not China on November 17, 2012 by seijika

Does anyone besides bots even read these?! Oh steel robits, embrace me.

Since coming to Nihorn, I’ve bought a SSFIV:AE (Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition *phew*) BP card in order to try to make my mark on the world of the … Hiroshima Fighting Game Scene? Okay so Hirocreama isn’t exactly a fighting capital but there are some damn good players here who have a lot to teach me with boots to my face and lack of boots to their face. However, it doesn’t stop at SSFIV for popularish competitive games. Despite being a rather expensive hobby (seriously just buying the game on Xbox or PS3 is a better investment) there are a lot of dudes who love to play competitive versus game here in the arcades. The most popular ones are SSFIV: AE, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and possibly the most popular, Gundam Extreme Versus.

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Japanese Arcades Part 3: 超・ちゃぶ台返し!巨人の星 FLIP A TABLE

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Hey again. Ever feel pissed off? Like some joe blow casual is talking about stuff relevant to “normal” people, trying to live out his bro life in peace but won’t stop pissing you off with his innocent ignorance as you beep his products behind a counter? You’re more superior than this guy in every way! Sure he goes out lots, has fun often, has lots of real life friends and is probably on his like fourth girlfriend but he doesn’t know about a topic as much you and/or has questionable tastes in things?! JEEZ LOUISE THAT JUST BOILS THE BLOOD IN ALL.

Well, you can let out your rage in this awesome game! Where the point is to flip a  table.

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Second Grade Grit – Quantum Theory (PS3/360)

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I was looking through Plan of Attack and realized there were a few games on that list that I’ve actually beaten. When the he- WHOA. I...dayum. Okay, so I guess it’s time for another game “review”!

Quantum Theory should be no stranger to most people. It came into this world to a cold public shoulder then when it was like “hey bros look at me” it was tossed into the shit geyser to forever be pushed up and down into the air by shit. Like Sandshrew in that one Pokemon Stadium minigame. Except instead of water it’s shit. Also everyone just called it a huge blatant ripoff of Gears of War. This game was pretty trashed and that’s exactly why I got it. That’s the purpose of this blog! I got it ages ago when it dropped in price to 4 pieces of lint, but it took me AGES to actually beat it. There were three instances of trying. So over months it took three different solid attempts to pick it back up and rock it. Part of the reason for the tardiness was I just kept getting other, more hype games and ditching it. Part of the reason was HELP this game.

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Japanese Arcades Part 2: Mario Kart Arcade GP2 どうしたらいいか分かんないのか?

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Wow, an actual regular update? Well drink my soul and call me Dr. Dre. HELP Revival Series is underway (no it’s not). Today isn’t a very long post, I hope, so I’ll just get right to it. Today’s game features everyone’s favorite red capped hombre and his plethora of bizarre friends, Mario and Co.! It’s Mario Kart Arcade GP2!

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Japanese Arcades Part 1: INTRO、太鼓の達人、その顔しないで

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GEEMU SENTAA. Sorry for the probable lack of quality of this post but this isn’t Billy Hipster’s gaming blog this is Mack Daxter’s blog who just writes like whatever stream of consciousness.

In da West, arcades are a dying breed. The bulk of what stands are patchwork arcades with old as shit machines inhabiting their dusty halls. Mere vestiges of a once grand empire flickering their shallow light in the darkness. Some places, like big cities, are seemingly able to import some killer stuff, but here in Japarn, those new fandangled magic boxes are normal business. There are games all over the place! Awesome!The point of this whole carpet show is to highlight off some of the stuff found in Japanese arcades. Keep in mind that while Hiroshima is a famous city, this ain’t no Tokyo or Osaka. This is probably smallfry shit compared to those giant killer bees. Also note I am aware a Round 1 opened up in LA but GOSH DARNIT I’M GONNA WRITE. This post will start with a short introductory to the game centres then quickly just showcase a game. Nothing fancy. Every new post will feature one (or more?!) games!

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